Saturday, 28 September 2013

My dream


Hello guys. Today I have special story that I want to share with you all. That is my dream. Everyone must have dream, right? So, my dream is I want to be a manager. You know like executive manager at the office. Have people who work for you and you can give advice to people below with. Nice actually.

There are actually many reasons why I want to be manager. It is because my mom was a manager and I really like the way my mom work. My mom starts work at 10 a.m. in the morning and finish her work by 3 o’clock. Yes in the evening. So I can said that my mom has flexible time work and that is what I really like because I dreaming of getting off work early and go home to enjoy movies or go shopping. Haha. Hey it’s a dream anyway.

Besides that is because of the salary that the manager gets per monthly.  I want to save my money to give it to my mom and dad. They have sacrifice a lot for me since I child until today. I also dream that with the money I have I want to change our house to become most beautiful and big. Besides that, I want to give a vacation to my parents to travel wherever they want because it is about time for them  to rest and let us, their children take care of them.

Another reason I want to become manager is because I want to prove myself that someday I will become a successful person. I can make my family proud of me. Just because I small and petite does not mean that I cannot do anything. I also want people to have hope after seeing me success so that they may think that even I can do it, why they cannot? Especially to my brother who maybe still in school when I already getting the job at that time.

That all about my dream. See you next time. :)

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